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Blu Dot – Musical Chairs

CLIENT: mono

CATEGORIES: Interactive, Video


Here is how it works: creative agency Mono and Honest worked with up-and-coming band, Doppio, to curate a musical selection for the games. Seven of the band’s songs will be playing, and when the music stops, participants will have to try to tweet that round’s secret phrases, trying to survive all four rounds of each game to win a chair. You are literally tweeting for a seat! There will be a 100 games and therefore 100 chances to win one of these hot mesh chairs (see below).

With Musical Chairs, Honest finally found the perfect project for Node.js. Using javascript in the front-end and in the back-end, Honest’s tech team was able to quickly deploy a a powerful real-time, multi-user app the replicates the real world fun of musical chairs.

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