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Brine – Join the Tribe


CATEGORIES: Interactive


Honest worked with Team Detroit on this website for Brine, one of the top sports equipment companies in the U.S.

The goal here was to create a fun, interactive component to Brine’s existing print campaign, which featured lacrosse stars overlaid in custom masks. The resulting site invited visitors to “join the tribe” by making their own personalized mask from Brine lacrosse equipment.

For this site, we built a collage editing tool from the ground up, featuring a wide range of options – including Scale, Rotation, Mirror, Duplicate, Reorder Layer, and Flip – that lets users be as creative as possible. After making a mask, it can then be saved to a gallery for everyone to see, sent to a friend, or downloaded to a computer for embedding on a desktop of homepage. There’s also an option to take a premade mask and ‘remix’ it (for people who don’t want to start from scratch). We’ve been amazed by what people have made so far, arranging the equipment into positions and combinations that we never dreamed of, so see for yourself!

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