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CLIENT: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

CATEGORIES: Interactive


When Goodby Silverstein launched a new site for Cheetos, Honest designed and developed both an interactive game and a downloadable application for the project.

Office Pinata allows you to attach photos of anyone you want to a virtual pinata and then use 5 terrifying weapons to beat the living be-cheezus out of them. Our goal with this game was to make it fun and easy to use while imbuing it with the irreverent, gleefully menacing personality of Chester Cheetah.

Autocall allows you to download an application built with Adobe’s Air technology that disguises itself as a simple desktop widget on your computer. Then, the next time you find yourself trapped in an awkward conversation, click surreptitiously on the widget and in no time, Chester Cheetah himself will call you on your telephone, helping you escape what might otherwise be an unpleasant exchange.