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Comcast – The

CLIENT: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

CATEGORIES: Interactive


Honest designed and built this website for our good friends Bill and Karolyn Slowsky. When they came to us with the assignment to build a PHYSICAL website, we thought they were crazy — but they’re the bosses, so we went ahead and did it. After all, it gives them a chance to show everyone their scrapbook, share some great downloads (including the funny loaders that people made for them), send e-cards, and let people watch the hilarious commercials that they hired Goodby Silverstein & Partners to produce.

Building a physical website forced us to make all of the buttons and transitions with stop motion animation. A time consuming process, but as you’ll see, a very unique outcome.

  • • Stop motion direction and production
  • • Photography
  • • Video embedding
  • • E-cards
  • • Send to friend
  • • Website
  • • Game