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Doritos – Late Night

CLIENT: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

CATEGORIES: Interactive, Video


To promote their latest flavor in the Late Night product group, Doritos is kicking off  the Red Pass concert series.
Doritos is giving away two grand prizes and thousands of instant prizes including concert cash to Live nation tickets. The Grand Prize is the Doritos® Red Pass. This pass gets you and a guest into an unlimited number of Live Nation concerts.
To build the microsite to promote the campaign, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners enlisted the help of the team at Honest.
The initial intro to the site educates users about the campaign benefits and how to use their code. The site build also included the creation of a database system that allows users to enter in game codes, create registration profiles, generate prize codes and share their activity via Facebook and Twitter.

Beyond building the microsite, Honest also did all sound design as well as poster illustration and design. So if you want to see if you are a winner, just add in the 9 digit code on the top of your Doritos® Late Night® Chips bag. But, since this is a contest, you can enter without buying a bag and just click “Need a Code” to generate a code on the site for free.
Enter once a day through May 30, 2010

  • • Website Design and Production
  • • Back-end Programming
  • • Animations
  • • Social Media Integration