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Fruit by the Foot – Replacements

CLIENT: Publics Modem

CATEGORIES: Interactive, Video


Fruit by the Foot is a really fun brand to be involved with as you’ll see from this campaign we worked on this summer and fall. What would happen if you could replace anything you wanted with this delicious fruit snack? Well that was the question that we answered with a series of viral films and website where everything from a bird to a cheerleader’s outfit to a unicorn were all replaced by the 3 foot long snack. We worked closely with Publics Modem to produce and direct viral films as well as design every aspect of a new website which included a new custom FxF typeface, creating a true integrated campaign that extended the Cannes Lion winning commercial to a whole new audience.

All of the Fruit by the Foot objects that you see in the virals are hand crafter out of the real product. We are especially proud of the cheerleader uniform because the actress was able to do multiple takes with full motion and kicks all while wrapped in the colorful, sticky stuff. The child actors were fantastic and nailed the tone that we were going for. We also loved working with Antfood on the sound design which was subtle but ads so much to the overall viewing experience.

We hope you enjoy watching and exploring this alternate universe where FxF is able to replace a football player’s arm and still be able to throw the ball.