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Hyundai – Sonata

CLIENT: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

CATEGORIES: Interactive


Honest worked with Goodby Silverstein and Transistor (CG Car) to create the website for Hyundai’s best selling car, the Sonata. Expanding upon the broadcast spots, we created an immersive world using Papervision 3D, an innovative new tool for Flash that simulates real three-dimensional space.

The goal was to put the car itself front and center, yet still make the site as entertaining and immersive as possible. So, spin the car and the feature schematics burst to life around the turntable. You can also peer inside the interior of the car and even flip it on its side for a top-down view.

Each of the features was designed to be both dynamic and modular, which meant that over the course of the year, the site could easily be updated with brand new 3D content.

  • • Website
  • • Papervision 3D
  • • Video embedding
  • • Motion graphics