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John Grisham – Theodore Boone

CLIENT: Cossette

CATEGORIES: Interactive, Video


Honest worked with ad agency Cossette on the launch of John Grisham’s latest thriller, ‘Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer’, a crime novel aimed at teens. The goal was to introduce the character of Theo Boone in a unique way and give hints to the crime and mystery that he’s involved in without giving any of the plot away.

We directed and produced three commercials and created a website that delve into Theo’s backstory, the criminals he’s put away, and clues to new crimes that have been committed.

The commercials work to reinforce the name ‘Theo Boone’, a new character that Grisham has created and one that we’ll surely see much more of in the future. The website gives kids (and adults) a chance to discover clues that Theo is looking at and come to their own conclusions about the cases . Drag, flip, listen, and investigate all of the items on the desk to make your own hypothesis.

The commercials will be playing on TV and theaters so watch out for “Theooo Booooone“.

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