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Michael Crichton

CLIENT: Harper Collins

CATEGORIES: Interactive and Video


Honest worked closely with Harper Collins to develop and design the expansive online campaign for Michael Crichton’s 2006 novel, NEXT.

The goal of the overall campaign was not simply to drive publicity for the book’s release. Crichton’s stories explore issues of science and morality just as they begin to enter the realm of public debate, and in the case of NEXT, the subject in question was genetics. Our online campaign illustrated many fascinating and troubling facets of the debate surrounding genetics before, during, and after the book launch.

The main hub of the campaign was, a site detailing the latest breakthroughs by a fictional genetics company. The key feature of the site is its presentation of fake video ads, used to virally create awareness of the book and the overall online campaign. Secondary sites, such as the blog, (Catherine Mouttet), and (Ferdinand Alfonso) rounded-out and further supported NEXTgencode’s faux accomplishments.

For the video component of the project, Honest created some of the ads, but the firm also tapped numerous well-known, established artists and filmmakers to contribute videos to the project. These contributors include Gregory Brunkalla, Lars Damoiseaux, Sam Ketay, and Matt Lenski.

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