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Nike – HOI


CATEGORIES: Interactive, Video


During the 2008 Olympics, Nike produced a gallery show in Beijing and a related book commemorating their many technological and cultural acheivements called ’100 Artifacts from the Battle Against the Drag’. When they decided to add a web counterpart, they turned to Honest. Our challenge was how to combine elements of both the book and the show into one seamless interactive experience.

The solution was to work with Immersive Media, the company that created Street View on Google Maps, and employ their video technology in a way that had never been attempted before. Visitors to the Nike HOI site are literally able to ‘walk through’ the exhibition, “looking around” a full 360 degress, and click on the artifacts (which have been mapped onto the 3D space via Papervision) for more information. In the Book section, they can even flip through all 100 Artifacts to get even deeper into what made these items so important to Nike’s development.

  • • Immersive Media
  • • Papervision 3D
  • • Video embedding
  • • Website
  • • Motion Graphics
  • • Multiple languages