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Our Generation Dolls

CLIENT: Our Generation Dolls

CATEGORIES: Interactive


Our Generation is a unique brand that supports children’s development in positive take charge manner, such as helping families learn to recycle, holding bake sales to support charities, and promoting literacy.

Honest helped create a site where a girl can weigh in on issues that are important to her. Or spend hours creating the next new look for a fashion-forward doll. Or crafting a heart that will represent her story on a Wall of Hearts that represents the story of her entire generation. (Who knows, her heart may even end up on Our Generation packaging.

Constant brand and user involvement allow the site to change and grow. Almost every aspect of the site is controlled through a back-end content management system (CMS). From updating products to approving user generated art, the CMS gives the brand managers complete control. The site utilizes a perfect blend of fun and product information to express the Our Generation story.

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