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Capital One




Honest directed 4 spots for Capital One promoting their new Mobile app. The App lets you bank where ever so you can keep doing what you’re doing, even if you’re shredding guitar on a flying asteroid — like DragonForce, the power metal band known for their extreme skills at shredding. They are famous for the ‘hidden track’ on Guitar Hero ‘Through the Fire and Flames’. The track for the Capital One spot is a new, original song written especially for this project.

Along with DragonForce, the other spots feature a ventriloquist (is this thing on??), a DJ Un1corn, and modern dance.

Honest worked closely with R/GA to develop the visual language and humor for each spot, executing a unique treatment to fit each type of scenario. Whether it be the outer space finale for DragonForce, the gorgeous 80′s style double-exposure for ‘Dummy’, or the over-the-top glowing horn on the mask of DJ Un1corn, we wanted to stick our toe out past the edge of going too far.

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